Saturday, May 14, 2011

Websites to check out TRUST ME

Website 1 : The site that conatains orignial language and english patches, demo, and much more at >>>>>>>>> <<<<<<<<

Website 2 : English site conatining a little information of the actual game without mods at >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Website 3 : Contains information of how to install the game and much more (suggestion click SHOW MORE and READ the description will help alot) and this video is located at >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Website 4 : WINZ00E a popular modding site dedicated to Zone Of The Enders Online Arena >>>>>>>>> <<<<<<<<<<<

Website 5 : Amecha aka Armored Mecha Assault another popular modding site at >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Directory submission

Information of UKWXP

I hope you find this post about a PC GUNDAM GAME for the PC ofcourse and previous post in my blog of P3P for the PSP to be helpful.

OK well if your reading this then you are like me and have looked around to find a gundam game for the pc. And try to google it and well not really any results. I played SD Gundam Capsule whish is like mini-gundams and isn't growing very much now. And it is a online game that you have to register for and everything, can even cost money.

BUT, I have a better result for you. A game called ULTIMATE KNIGHT WINDOM XP, and I know this doesn't sound like gundam. But it is a gundam/mecha game that is highly moddable. So even though you might not see gundams in it at the start, you can add gundams to it. This game is fully moddable and not very hard to change. Projects are going on in diffrent websites to add diffrent things. One project I know is going very well is ZOEOA Zone Of The Enders Online Arena, it says online but you don't need to, more of a offline game anyways.

If you cannot see the download sections then you should create a account at these websites that will reveal them.

If you are interested here are links below for these websites:
WINZ00E at >>>>>>> <<<<<<<<<
Armored Mecha Assault at >>>>>>> <<<<<<<<<<<
3DGUNDAM was a chinese website that was shutdown do to unknown reasons.

WINZ00E has VIP group you can see in one of there posts that allow you to get more unseen mods to add to your collection.

I wish to bring this game to the attention of people all over, because since 3DGUNDAM was shutdown we lost a great deal of our modders, and would like to see more people help with new mods and seeing more people play this game with our mods would be so awesome. We beleive mods should be distributed to the public without passwords or any restrictions but do ask you not to repost our mods any where else without the author(s) permission and we ask you to site the author(s) when they do give you that permission.

-------More Information-------------

If you are still reading this then I take it that you want to hear more about the marvelous game and I will be glad to tell you. The website that was dedicated to the selling and creation of WINDOM shows diffrent versions and highest English version is 1.009, well if you look at the websites provided YOU can find all the way up to English 2.008 BUT I also wish to tell you many of our modders use Englsih 2.004 because mostly all mods will work with that version. But the way to get up to that is fist you need a POWER KIT PACK which is just another download away just like the game ULTIMATE KNIGHT WINDOM XP when you install this power up kit it will add files and gundams/mechas to your game and make it version 2.000, then you can use a 2.004 patch or 2.008 patch and replace them with a English EXE (Application) to make it English 2.004 or 2.008

If your still reading I will tell you a little about the history of this game. Well looking around you can find a game similar to WINDOM called BOOTFIGHTER and this BOOTFIGHTER is a older version that WINDOM has far surpassed. But also the games are pratically made the exact same and diffrent files can be swapped inbetween to make your game much diffrent and even more interesting, this is where I begin to tell you the history and idea of modding WINDOM, 3DGUNDAM a china website began making mods to change the whole out look of WINDOM and since the website was hard for people of foreign languages to understand a english site called Armoroured Mecha Assault aka Amecha was formed to distribute the mods easier. A forum war began and 3DGUNDAM was furious with those redistributions and was about to block ourside connections out of HONG KONG, so AMECHA decided to make rules on the redistributions and prevent redistribution of 3DGUNDAM mods. And to protect those mods 3DGUNDAM put passwords on on there redistributions. Eventually WIND00M arose and became the 3rd popular WINDOM modding site. Eventually WIND00M evolved into WINZ00E, and at some point a 2nd forum war began and WINZ00E had to create a VIP section to make there mods secure. Since then the major news of 3DGUNDAM becoming shutdown without anybodies awareness hit the community in shock, AMECHA began to redistribute some of there own mods, BUT not to redistribute 3DGUNDAM mods just incase of the return of 3DGUNDAM. BUT at the same time WINZ00E has begun to grow stronger with posting more mods and allowing mix-matches of mods allowing more newbie mod developers to become inspired and add to the growth of the community, AMECHA doesn't allow mix-matches of mods to secure the rights of modders and there creations, so AMECHA has secured there reputation trying not to cause conflict, even though these 3 websites have shown competition with each other, since the shutdown of 3DGUNDAM, AMECHA hosted by ROCKFIRE and WINZ00E hosted by MANGAKANINJA wish for the community to grow and for no conflicts to arise between each other and those 2 websites are at peace with each other. Showing that 3DGUNDAM was a great source for mods but also a great struggle for some. WINZ00E and AMECHA have both provided great mods and contain great modders. WINZ00E focuses mostly on WINDOM allowing it to grow rapidly, while AMECHA focuses on all gundam/mecha games allowing it to root itself into many diffrent categories providing it with growing topics to survive.

WINZ00E is most known for its project ZOEOA which has shown many betas of its growth and great designs it even has its own website at >>>>>>>>> <<<<<<<<<

In AMECHA i have seen things of a ZEXEN Project, but have not seen any betas of it, at one point I heard that it was dead, but everyonce in awhile I hear it is still growing but slowly, so I and many others await the finsh and distribution of this seemingly great project. to see results of this project you can go to >>>>>>> <<<<<<<<<

If people wish to known who I am at these forums listed above, then one day I will post my name here:________ (no my name isn't ________ that is to represent a blank), but I do not go by DoomSkull at these forums and I don't go by my real name even though people at these forums know my real name. They don't know who I am since i'm posting this to promote the game, but if rumors start then I will reveal myself to prevent people from trying to gain reputation for this promotion.